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Activism is an important part of my life and identity. I have supported various community-based grassroots organizing efforts over the years using my creative abilities. A recent example comes from the 2019 Teacher's march in Virginia. I filmed, edited, and produced the brief mini-documentary below detailing this event and why it occurred to help raise awareness about the awful conditions in Virginia, and especially Richmond's, public schools.

The winter of 2017 in Richmond was one of the coldest on record and most of the emergency shelters for houseless folks were completely full. There was also a major crisis in the public housing facilities that were ran by the city such that hundreds were left completely without central heat and were left to fend for themselves. I was able to get involved with a group of folks who pulled together a tremendous effort to provide clean winter clothes, blankets, and space heaters to those who needed them. In the spring and summer after this experience we pitched in to purchase an old school bus which we renovated and turned into a mobile community center for distributing clothing, medicine, food, and other necessities. We produced the video below which details this project.


I have been a musician for most of my life. My mother and grandmother both played piano and sang in church, which to them was an important gift to pass on and it stuck! I've played a *very* wide range of music over the years mostly because I just love music - all of it. I have played in everything from old country and bluegrass groups to punk and more extreme genres of metal and experimental music.


As a word of caution - my musical tastes are truly not for everyone. That said I am still quite proud of this work and am eager to share it with those who appreciate it. Below you will find a collection of songs, videos, and images that will give you an idea of my experiences as a musician.


Red South is my only currently-active music project. It started as a solo project for me, getting back in touch with my cultural roots in Appalachian styles of music. As such, much of the music from this project is bluegrass, folk, and old-style country. 

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