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Making Interactive Network Plots in R

Over the last few weeks I have dedicated some time to creating a custom function to generate informative interactive psychometric network plots in R. My inspiration (and some of the function code) for this came from the dynamic.plot function from the EGAnet package in R (Golino & Demetriou, 2017). Although the project I am working on that will use this has not yet been published, I found this to be really fun and informative, especially for folks who were still kind of new to network analysis.

The R code for intPlot will take some work on the user's part, but it isn't too bad and I've made a good deal of comments.

For whatever reason, Wix blog posts won't let me use the full width of the page, so the example plot below will work, but I had to drastically shrink the node sizes for it to fit at all.

Golino, H. F., & Demetriou, A. (2017). Estimating the dimensionality of intelligence like data using Exploratory Graph Analysis. Intelligence, 62, 54-70.


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