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Psychometric Network Analysis Tutorial

During the summer of 2019 I completed a workshop with Eiko Fried on how to conduct psychometric network analyses. I continued to learn about this exciting new analytic technique until I had a project to use it on myself (check out West & Chester, 2021).

In the interim, I developed a lecture that introduces network analysis to those who have no experience with it. I delivered this lecture during a multivariate statistics course recently and the recorded lecture is posted below along with links to all the code and data used in the examples you need to follow along!

I caution here however that this video covers a lot of content in just under 2 hours and is still missing quite a bit of information. If you would like to apply this analysis for the purposes of publication you will need to do substantial reading of the seminal papers on this approach. I strongly encourage you start with and just read through their blog posts as they contain many helpful materials.

Note: If you are having trouble with the embeded player below please visit the Kaltura Media page here.

Not familiar with R? I created a supplemental video that will walk you through starting from a completely blank script - try following along with this video. Note that this video assumes you are very inexperienced with R and so I stop several times to explain basic functions/features of R.

Note - this video is hosted in google drive and you may need to open it in another window if it does not play properly.

Still having trouble?

I suggest checking out the wealth of tutorials and other materials over at!


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